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Macrobiotic Soups in Fair Lawn, New Jersey

Lose weight, strengthen your internal organs, and improve your general health by consuming our macrobiotic soups. PURIGINAL Inc. is based in Fair Lawn, New Jersey.

Yes, Soup For You

One of the most important health foods that we offer is our macrobiotic soup. These soups, infused with natural minerals and organic sea vegetables, are powerful remedies. In addition to the healing qualities of our soups, they have the added benefits of great taste and affordable cost.

Soup Cleanses

We offer a variety of macrobiotic soup cleanses that release toxins from your body. These result in a wide variety of health benefits, including:

Healthy Soup, Macrobiotic Soups in Fair Lawn, NJ
• Joint Inflammatory Disease Relief
• Energy & Immunity Boost
• Cholesterol Reduction
• Arthritis Relief
• Internal pH Acid Level Regulation
• Urinary Tract Regulation
• Blood Cleansing
• Fat Reduction
• Excess Internal Fluid Reduction
• Kidney Strengthening
• Liver Cleansing
• Weight Loss
Contact us for further information on our macrobiotic soups and their many health benefits.